Boy, Boar, Bird

Boy, Boar, Bird, bronze, 2014

Inauguration of the sculpture “Boy, Boar, Bird” at the Bosco della Ragnaia, San Giovanni D’Asso, Siena.

This work in bronze, a variation of a similar piece made for the city of Hertoganbosch, Netherlands,  relates to the center panel of a triptych called “The Garden of Earthly Desire” by Hieronymous Bosch.

In an ideal world, man, animal and nature are united in a kind of procession or celebration. That celebration is life.

The sculpture is located in the Bosco at the lowest part of the newly planted area of the park. The Woods are opened daily until sunset.

Hieronymus Bosch; The Garden of Earthly Delights, Prado

Easter Egg Hunt

Invitation Caccia all'uovo

Invitation Caccia all'uovo

The Galleria dell’Incisione proposes, once again, a theme show taking its inspiration from the practice in northern countries of an Easter Egg Hunt. This will involve both children and adults in looking for dyed eggs hidden in the garden. Among the artists participating are: Berenyi, Bueno, Carroll, Von Den Steinen, Faravelli, Gallizioli, Griffa, Kapor, Lansing, Matticchio, Micheli, Pajevic, Pigni, Saiani, Scarpella, and others.

Giving a patina to the Easter Tree, 2010

Giving a patina to the Easter Tree, 2010

About Reality

Boy, icecream, dog; cm.10x15, photo, 2004

Boy, ice cream, dog; cm.10x15, photo, 2004

The following piece was written to introduce eight photographs selected as part of a project initiated by ALINARI24ORE.  The famous Alinari archive in Florence has joined the journal Sole24Ore in a project presenting works by contemporary artists who have been inspired by historic photographic images. A series of exhibitions, starting at the Scavi Scaligeri from the 5th to the 31st of September 2009, will show the prints of 18 artists in a  limited edition. (The picture above is a study for one of eight final prints.)


Reality, that superficial layer that envelops material objects, and living subjects and keeps them in the present, seems to be preserved by the photographic process. By definition, a photograph is a fact of light, an absolute.
In 1852, Leopoldo Alinari, with his brothers Giuseppe and Romualdo, founded a photographic workshop specializing in preserving reality through portraiture, records of art and historical monuments, studies of landscapes and their inhabitants.
Yet it is something beyond their celebrated technical capacity that inspires an irrepressible yearning to look below the surface of subject-matter to the subtle, often unintended, detail. Contemplating their pictures of quotidian life (student gatherings, animated street scenes, women at domestic work, people taking lone walks, children at play) it is hard not to sink below the layer of reality to the realm where a potential fiction lies: that hill, that child, that unruly dog running by, that figure lurking out of focus in the corner…
The miniature subjects on an invented stage depicted here seem to have been caught by the camera as they pass through everyday life. While they are small and inconsequential, they are as large as life because photography always has to do with reality in the world at large. And in life, don’t we sometimes pause suddenly when nothing particular is happening only to look around and discover a world shimmering with meaning?

Frances Lansing,  31 March 2009

Women, Art, Work

La rana; cm. 10x7x3, bronze, 2006

La rana; cm. 10x7x3, bronze, 2006

On December 15th at 5:00 the Region of Tuscany hosts a show of the work of several artists actively working in the area surrounding Florence. A Variety of media, including painting, sculpture, collage, embroidery, artists include Margherita Abbozzo, Carol Berenji, Frances Lansing, Janet Mullarney, Monica Sarsini, and others. Palazzo Panciatichi, Via Cavour, 2, Firenze.

Welcome to the Bosco of the Ragnaia!

Il saggio del bosco; cm.200x170, bronze, 2008

Il saggio del bosco; cm.200x170, bronze, 2008

A fall welcome to the Bosco della Ragnaia. Small woodland sculptures find a home in this unusual woodlandpark in San Giovanni d’Asso, south of Siena.
Open to the public, sunrise to sunset, from the 21st of October to the 21st of February (guided visits with advanced notice).

In March of next year Sheppard Craige will present a book about the park he designed and created, Words in the Woods, at the Benetton foundation in Palazzo Bonben, Treviso. An installation of Lansing’s sculptures from the Ragnaia, in bronze and terracotta, will be part of the occasion.

In the meantime, view them in their natural habitat. On a fine autumn day, the nicest way to see these small figures is in the warm glow of a fall afternoon.

“In the name of the Bee – and of the Butterfly – and of the Breeze – Amen!”

Gallery: Amedeo Porro Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Corso Monforte 23, 20122 Milano
Curator: Amedeo Porro
Catalogue Publisher: Silvana Editoriale
Catalogue Text by: Amedeo Porro, Carlo Bertelli, Sheppard Craige, Frances Lansing
Show Date: 29 May 2008

Love letter;cm. 123x143, encaustic, 2007

Love letter;cm. 123x143, encaustic, 2007

Ten landscapes, rich in color, painted with bees’ wax. The gesture is almost casual; drops and strokes of thick color create a complex surface, dense – also with emotion.

These images do not represent natural phenomena. The goal isn’t to construct a painting of something, but to allow something to emerge from the material itself. In this way its existence owes more to discovery than construction.

Beasts of Gender : nature of the imagination

Boy, icecream, dog, photograph, 1987

Boy, icecream, dog, photograph, 1987

Show and Conference: State Archives, Florence, Aprile, 2006

The international convention attempts to distinguish several cultural trends behind the ghost of a strange dicotomy: woman and animal, between representation a self- representation. In the exhibition, besides the paintings and sculpture of Frances Lansing there will also be the work of artists such as  Silvia Amodio, Ornella Baratti Bon, Anna Maria Bartolini, Giuly Corsini, Donatella Mei, Elena Salvini Pierallini, Monica Sarsini, Flora Wiechmann Savioli and others.

Frances Lansing 1989 – 2005

Cover Frances Lansing 1989-2005, 2005

Cover Frances Lansing 1989-2005, 2005

Galleria Credito Valtellinese Palazzo Sertoli Sondrio
Galleria Credito Siciliano Acireale

Edition catalog: Fondazione Gruppo Credito Valtellinese
Texts for the catalog by: Roberto Baravalle, Paolo Baldacci, Philip Daverio, Ruggero Savinio e Ginevra Quadrio Curzio
Date exhibition: 16 December 2005 Sondrio; 27 May 2006 Acireale

This exhibition gathers some thirty works realized with the encautic technique on canvas and panels and twenty sculptures in bronze and terracotta realized in the period from 1989 to 2005. From precise, almost photographic etchings to wax paintings expressive of a more interior landscape are added the most recent works: small figurative sculptures.