My Hair and My Floor

Roman Mosaic Floor

Whenever the sheep are near my studio, I have a fly problem. It’s even worse on days before a storm. They seem at home in my studio – once the hay barn – but their buzzing and occasional stings are annoying. Since I like to keep my door open, the best solution seems a fly swatter and – now – some sticky flypaper you unwind and hang.

I forgot about the flypaper the other day and when I leaned over to toss out a piece of paper it got completely stuck in my hair. I tried oil, detergent, shampoo, hot water – you name it – but in the end I had to intervene with scissors. The next day I went to Mario’s – a famous hairdresser in Florence -  to have him correct my cut. He looked me over and said “ I bet I know where you got that haircut!”  “Where?” I asked, surprised. He answered immediately, “Paris!”

Along the same line – and after a long rainy winter – I was disappointed to see that a floor I had painted pink a while ago had started to peel from the unusual moisture of the earth below it. The idea of completely repainting it over-whelmed me so I decided to paint over just the damaged spots making details much like some of the Roman mosaic floors where there are debris and mice and fruit. But it didn’t look right so instead I painted areas of broken crockery that somehow looked more natural. As if  someone had tripped over a cat and broken a number of plates. Over-all, it works and it’s a reminder that creativity requires limits, chance and error as much as skill…

Frances' floor 2014 detail