From Photography of Art To the Art of Photography


International Photography Center

Scavi Scaligeri

Open until 22 November, 2009-10-14 10a.m. – 7 :00 p.m.

“This exhibition was designed to create the occasion to publicly announce the new course that Alinari 24 ORE is about to undertake in the field of contemporary photography and its art. The only restriction to which the various projects presented by the various artists were subject was that they had to be inspired by an image of the past, the concept of Memory, the Relationship space/time, the representation of a world whose images could be drawn from the immense « Fratelli Alinari » archive.”  Fabio Castelli

“These miniature subjects on an invented stage seem to have been caught by the camera as they pass through everyday life. While they are small and inconsequential, they are as large as life because photography always has to do with reality in the world at large.”  Frances Lansing